U.S. Armed Forces 40mm Grenade Vest -Woodland

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Part of the Individual Integrated Fighting System (IIFS), this vest is designed to be worn with the Standard Individual Equipment Belt (Pistol Belt), attached by 10 snap-closure belt loops on the bottom of the vest. Nylon Duck fabric, with foam padded strap-adjustable shoulders, cord-adjustable waist, and quick-release buckles in front, this vest features 2 D-Rings in the back, and 18 snap-closure pockets designed to hold 40mm Cartridges measuring 40x46mm or 40x53mm. One-Size-Fits-All, this is standard issue for Grenadiers, and is genuine US Army Surplus.


  • Water Repellent Nylon Duck w/ Nylon Tape Reinforced Edges
  • One-Size-Fits-All (Adjustable)
  • 2-Buckle Front (ITW Nexus Fastex Side-Release)
  • Nylon Cord/Grommet Adjustable Waist (ITW Fastex Double Cord Lock)
  • 18 40mm Grenade Pockets, Snap Closure
  • Strap-Adjust between Chest & Shoulder, and Shoulder & Back Panels
  • Foam Padded Shoulders w/ Snap-Closure Attachment Strap on Each
  • 2 Plastic D-Rings on Back Panel
  • Attach to Pistol Belt with 10 Velcro & Snap-Closure Straps
  • Nylon Tape Reinforced Edges
  • Woodland Camouflage