Thunder B Airsoft "Thunder Stock CO2 Simulated Grenade (Package: Handle / 3 Shells)

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104555 (SG-APS-TB-09)


  • Durable and flexibly polymer construction
  • Durable metal CO2 core
  • Realistic look and functionality
  • Sound level of over 130db
  • Convenient reusable core

Another real breakthrough of the Thunder B sound grenade series!

Introducing the "Thunder Stick" grenade. The "Thunder Stick" does not only generate sound like a traditional Thunder B does but, it also has the same operating method as a real stick type grenade with a pull pin. It can be said that it is the only one on the market. It will provide you with a unique look compared to conventional sound grenades.

Manufacturer: APS Hakkotsu


Package Includes: CO2 Core, Stick Handle, 3x Grenade Heads, Manual
Material: Polymer, Metal