Thermacell Heated Insoles

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Recharges in 4 hours, water resistant, powered by built-in lithium-ion polymer batteries embedded in the insoles. Uses high-tech wireless thermal technology—no wires, extension cords, Velcro® straps, or battery strap brackets, and no batteries mounted to the ankle, shoe, or waist. Can be recharged up to 500 times using the included charger. Package includes: 2 Heated Insoles equipped with integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries; 1 remote control with battery; 1 lanyard; 1 drawstring travel bag; 1 global charger; 1 instruction booklet. Customizable Sizes for Men and Women, can be trimmed to fit almost any shoe size.


Small - Men 3.5 - 5

Medium Men 5.5 - 7

Large Men 7.5 - 9

X-Large Men 9.5 - 11

XXLarge Men 12 - 14