SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun - Pewter

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Updated Electronics

  • Trigger Based Programming – intuitive trigger based programming makes it easy to adjust your firing mode, rate of fire, and dwell with just a button click or a few trigger inputs
  • USB Software Updates – Need to update your software? Simple. Just plug into a Windows PC to update firing modes, rate of fire or even your language settings.
  • Onboard Microswitch – Light and snappy to offer excellent response times and useful life. The microswitch is now secured to the board via two torx head screws
  • Water Resistant – a coating is applied to all of the electronic boards in the Shocker to help keep you in the game even in the rain.
  • Photoelectric Eye System – break beam eyes in the breach virtually eliminate chopping of paint. The eye system is designed for competition use and utilizes high frequency light to function even when partially obscured by debris or paint residue.

Freak Barrel System

  • Legendary Accuracy – the XLS comes with a Cocker threaded Freak back, an All-American front and a .687 insert your Shocker will be performing in all conditions all while shooting quietly and accurately
  • Freak XL – featuring a longer control bore that allows the air to remain behind the ball longer it will do more work accelerating the ball all while using less air.


  • Proven Design – Consistent, easy to use and adjusted with a single tool on the fly. This is what players have come to expect with SP designs.
  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) – helps prevent damage to internal components and increases player safety. The PRV is designed to vent excess pressure in the case of a regulator seat failure or extreme over adjustment by the player
  • High Performance – the seals throughout the Shocker will aide in longer life, less maintenance is required so you can stay on the field longer!

Bolt System

  • Smooth and Reliable – the XLS uses a spool valve design that is simple yet effective to provide the perfect mix of performance and reliability
  • Precision Machined – made from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with Type III aluminum to ensure that the bolt is resistant from scratches from dirt/debris all while ensuring smooth operation
  • Incredibly Lightweight – By utilizing a longer bolt (nose to tail) the force created by the bolt moving inside the body is evenly distributed between the grip frame and the regulator giving a more linear feel to the shot, limiting barrel rise to increase accuracy.
  • Low Operating Pressure – The XLS operates at 145 psi which helps minimize the physical deformation of the ball when accelerating to minimize breach & barrel breaks even with smaller, more brittle tournament grade paint.

Trigger System

  • Four Way Adjustable – this allows the player to adjust their preference. Adjustments include, pre-travel, post-travel, firing point and magnetic resistance.
  • Aluminum Construction – mounted on sealed stainless steel bearings the XLS’ trigger will see very limited flex or deflection.

Redesigned ASA

  • Any Tank, Anywhere – designed with all tanks in mind the screw driven ASA allows for complete engagement with any paintball air system on the market. A built in air vent quickly evacuates air so the tank can be removed without added pressure on the regulator’s threads
  • Simple Design – With just one moving part the XLS’ ASA is easy to use, maintain, and troubleshoot as a single hex key accesses the main ASA seal.
  • Mount Stability – Player tested through countless dives, impacts and gear bag stress tests, the ASA is firmly attached to the base of the frame via high grade stainless steel.

Ergonomic Changes

  • By extending the overall length of the marker a greater sense of balance and a more stable platform is created. This small change has a great effect on how the marker points, aims and feels while running and shooting!

Air Tank: HPA Only

Hopper Feedneck: Universal

Barrel Thread: Standard Autococker