Shout! Fisherman's Tackle "Shotel" Fishing Jig (Color: Iwashi Squid)

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  • Realistic colors and patterns mimic baitfish to entice even the most picky of fish
  • Lifelike eyes built into the jig
  • Ideal action during fast and slow pitch
  • Cradle fall action that entices fish to bite

The "Shotel" is a jig that can be called a thick "lance". The cradle fall action when the hook is set, allows for back and forth motion triggering fish to bite. The "Shortel" jig uses a cradle fall motion as a weapon and makes a nervous target bite with a small silhouette in shallow water. In deeper water, the extra thick body suppresses the influence of the lead and main line, and the cradle fall is easy to sustain.

Manufacturer: Shout! Fishermans Tackle

Color: Iwashi Squid


Since foamed resin is used, there may be some weight error depending on the product.
Do not leave the product in a car exposed to high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.