RAP4 T68 Lok Bolt Anti Chop Adapter

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The revolutionary T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter is a purely mechanical anti-chop device for your T68 marker. This patent-pending design features simple mechanics that prevent your bolt from chopping paint at all cyclic rates and while held at any angle!

The genius in this design resides in the Lok Lever located in the chamber of the T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter. When a ball is properly inserted in the chamber, it depresses the Lok Lever and allows your bolt to cycle normally. But when the bolt is released with the ball only partially in the chamber—a certain formula for a chop—the Lok Lever prevents the bolt from travelling fully forwards.

That protects your paint...and protects your game, as you’re able to clear the problem and get back in the action! Avoid the sticky messes with the T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter!

This swap-in part requires minimal time to install in recent model T68 markers, and even includes the receiver-top RIS rail to completely update your marker today!

Key Features Include:

- Patent-Pending Technology
- Pure Mechanical Function
- No Batteries, No Wires!
- Includes RIS Rail
- Eliminates chopping