Ranger Hand Held Security Detector Body Scanner Device

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Ranger Security is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency metal detectors for weapon screening and asset protection utilizing the latest cutting edge technology. Ranger products are among the most dependable in the security industry, and are used in areas such as correctional facilities, hospitals, government security equipment points, airport security stations, and school systems while protecting a diverse range of people from heads-of-state to children attending school.

The Model 1000 Hand Held Security Detector is a sensitive, rugged and dependable handwand! Fully adjustable sensitivity control, lightweight w/ comfortable grip, large scanning area. Automatic tuning.

User adjustable sensitivity enables the Model 1000 to be used with optimum efficiency on a range of security applications. When screening for hand guns the sensitivity can be lowered to avoid unwanted alarms from smaller harmless objects. The scanners high sensitivity allows a search to be non obtrusive and hands-off; minimizing physical contact with the subject and possible human relations or liability problems.

The Model 1000's high sensitivity is invaluable in loss prevention applications where small metal objects must be protected. Jewelry, electronic products, computer processors, tools, etc. can be detected.

Designed for weapon screening and loss prevention. Fully adjustable sensitivity control enables optimal performance on weapon screening and loss prevention applications. Lightweight comfortable grip, large scanning area and fast scan rate reduce operator fatigue. Automatic tuning insures equal results on a wide range of metals. De-sense button and tightly controlled detection pattern allows efficient weapon screening near floors containing re-bar. New high volume audio alert* can easily be heard against normal to moderate levels of background noise. Operates on disposable or rechargeable batteries. Versatile, yet realistically priced for all security applications.

The advanced automatic tuning transmit/receive circuitry is housed in a rugged high impact ABS plastic case and detects all metals and alloys. The unit's de-sensitivity feature and tight detection pattern help reduce false alarms when screening at ankle height in the vicinity of floors with rebar. Sensitivity adjustments are made through a screw driver access hole in the casing, thus reducing the potential for tampering or inadvertent adjustment. Alarm Indicators: High efficiency peizo electric beeper, silent mode vibration alarm and LED visual indicator. Indicators remain activated while search coil passes over metal. The duration of the alarm is indicative of the size object. Power Requirement: Unit requires standard 9V disposable alkaline battery or optional NiCad rechargeable cell. Typical disposable battery life is 80 hours. Unit consumes 5 mA quiescent current and a maximum of 35 mA when audio and visual alarms are activated. Low Battery Warning: Low voltage conditions are indicated when LED lamp flashes and a steady state beeper tone changes to a warbling sound.

Detects: Medium pistol at 12" (300mm); Small pistol at 9" (230mm); Razor Blade at 3" ( 75mm); Hat Pin at 1" (100 mm); 486 Processor at 4" (100 mm).

Scan Rate: 3" to 4" (75-600 mm) per second