Professional E-Z Pick Lockpick Gun

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30 SHLAT17

This tool was specifically designed to be inserted into a lock and with the rapid pull of the trigger, activate all of the pins at once. Conventional handpicking of a lock requires the tedious job of picking one or two pins at a time. When you pull the trigger of this lock opening tool, you strike both the upper and lower pins with rapid-fire actions. Three types of stainless steel picks (two straight needles and one offset needle) and a tension wrench are included with your snap gun. 4" overall

Please ensure that you have checked all local laws with regards to the purchase and ownership of lock picks in your area. It is your responsibility! Hero Army Surplus employees can not advise you on the legal nature of Lock Picks in your area, please do not ask! By placing an order, the buyer asserts that the products will be used in a lawful manner and that they are of legal age! At this time in Canada you are required to have a licence to carry lock picking tools in B.C., Saskatchewan, and Alberta these are often called pick licenses.