Matrix Bravo Advanced Neoprene Tactical Knee and Elbow Pad Set (Color: Black)

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Looking for a comfortable, awesome knee pad? Unlike ordinary knee pads, these neoprene knee pads are designed for a high level of comfort to feel like the knee pad isn't even there or is simply part of the pants. Protect your knees when crawling or shooting from the prone position. The hard shell non-slip cap grips the surface allowing the wearer to crawl faster. Maximum comfort with high density neoprene padding. Rugged durability, lightweight, comfortable and universal fit.


  • Designed for tactical war game simulation and extreme sports
  • Provides substantial protection in a lightweight, durable package
  • Made with a non-slip, flexible, molded nylon shell
  • Padding gives excellent shock protection and wont absorb water or moisture
  • Protects knee and allow comfort kneeling on rocky or bushy surfaces
  • Matrix Bravo Knee Pads come in all colors to match your BDUs
  • Quick detach design
  • Adjustable elastic leg straps
  • Universal fit. One size fits most
  • Rugged durability

Size: Universal Fit. One size fits most
Color: Black
Package Includes: Knee pads (set of two) and elbow pad (set of two)
Attachment: Hook and loop fastening on neoprene straps
Application: Airsofting, paintballing, snowboarding, skateboarding and other extreme sports that require knee pads.