LALO Tactical SEAL Team 5 limited edition Desert Grinder Crossfit Training Shoes - 10.5 (fits like 10)

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This lightweight cross-trainer is as light as a feather and looks as sharp on the street as it does in the gym. Features Anti-Inversion Technology, the LALO OCF Fit System, and a ceramic-coated SUPER FABRIC™ toecap. The Grinder is a mid-foot mobility shoe that shines in a variety of cross-training activities. It was engineered for dynamic, bodyweight-based agility drills and movements. If features a softer, grippier feel for multi-directional movements such as jump rope, burpees, box jumps, jumping lunges, and more. It is a practical shoe for rowing, short distance runs and sprints.


BUD/s Training, beaches, urban terrain, Crossfit boxes, adventure races, weight-training facilities, grinder, street pump, IMT training, leap frog procedures.


  • Incredibly light weight design (only 8.5oz for a men's size 9)
  • Rugged construction that is built to withstand the roughest and toughest training regimen
  • Built with SUPER FABRIC™ with flexible armor overlay to resist abrasion and offer enhanced protection
  • Ceramic-coated toe cap
  • Breathable mesh design helps keep you cool and comfortable

Size: 10.5 (Fits Like 10)
Color: SEAL Team 5 Desert

Manufacturer: LALO Tactical