Kriegar Double Sided Paddle Strop

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40 KG185

For the sharpest edge possible, just strop it!
Want the finest, most hair-splittingly sharp edge possible from your pocket knife, straight razor or other bladed tool? Just strop it! Kriegar's double sided paddle strop is essential for achieving and maintaining blade edges that are truly "razor sharp" - far sharper than any edge honed by a whetstone alone.

Strop away edge imperfections on a nano scale
A finely honed blade edge is delicate; everyday use results in warping, chipping and other damage, albeit on a microscopic level. Though invisible to the naked eye, this damage is, nonetheless, detrimental to cutting performance. Honing the blade on a fine-grit whetstone can repair larger defects, but only stropping can remove burrs, realign and generally perfect the edge on a nano scale. But not all strops are created equal.

Two-step stropping via contrasting suede, buffalo leather surfaces
Kriegar's Paddle Strop boasts flawless craftsmanship, a smart design and two distinct stropping surfaces - ultra-smooth premium buffalo leather on one side and coarser suede on the other. These contrasting surfaces allow for graduated stropping; the rough suede removes larger edge damage, while the silky buffalo leather eliminates even the tiniest imperfections, while burnishing the steel for keenness without equal. And if you thought strops were only for barbers and their old fashioned straight razors, think again!

Get the sharpest edge possible from any blade - not just straight razors
Kriegar's Paddle Strop puts a perfectly finished edge on any blade - advanced tactical folders, hulking bowie knives, kitchen cutlery, straight razors, even modern cartridge razors and more! Traditional hanging strops are flexible and best suited to razors and other delicate blades; but the Kriegar’s wooden paddle provides ample support for larger, weightier blades, as well. The solid surfaces are also ideal for applying abrasive compounds for honing.

Like multiple whetstones in one! Ideal substrate for honing compounds
“Honing” is more aggressive than “stropping.” More metal is removed from the blade edge during honing; as such, it’s less forgiving with respect to angle inconsistencies and the like. A flat, solid surface with light give - as in the leather-topped wood of the Kriegar Paddle Strop - makes maintaining proper blade angles easier. To hone a blade with the Kriegar Paddle Strop, simply apply an appropriate honing compound to the leather surface. By applying compounds of different grits (NOT at the same time), your Kriegar Paddle Strop can effectively become an inexpensive, convenient alternative to multiple whetstones of differing grits. Versatile, effective and convenient, Kriegar’s Paddle Strop is a must-have for all knife owners.


  • Yields sharpness far beyond anything achievable by sharpening and honing with whetstones alone
  • Perfect for bladed tools of all kinds - pocket knives, fixed blades, straight razors, even cartridge razors and more
  • Double sided with two distinct stropping surfaces: velvety smooth buffalo leather for burnishing and finishing; and coarser suede for repairing larger edge imperfections
  • Applying abrasive compounds allows for more aggressive honing; using different grits makes the paddle strop an inexpensive, convenient alternative to multiple hone / whetstones
  • Solid hardwood paddle; lanyard hole in handle; rugged yet lightweight and easy to transport; great for travel
  • Dimensions: 13” x 2”