Killerbody Marvel Licensed Iron Man Mk. VII Motorized Wearable Suit w/ Working LED's & Sounds

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- Advanced, Limited Edition




  • Your very own wearable life-size Marvel Licensed Mk. VII Iron Man suit
  • Vacuum formed polymer armor gives the suit a rigid armor-like appearance while still remaining lightweight and durable
  • High quality automotive paint finish gives the armor pieces a polished gloss metal-like appearance
  • Motorized (controlled via remote) flaps, weapons bays, flight stabilizer fins, arm mounted missiles, and helmet
  • LED lights within weapons bays, flight pack, Arc-Reactor, hand Repulsors, and mask for an impressive display
  • Built in sound board and speakers for cool suit sound effects

"I am Iron Man..."

The ultimate collectors piece for fans of Iron Man; not only is this suit life size, but you can actually wear it! That is right, let your inner nerd / fan-boy / fan-girl gush with excitement as you shed your single tear of joy. You no longer need to be Tony Stark to be Iron Man; although having his wealth might make it easier. This spectacular recreation of the Mark VII Iron Man Suit is fully outfitted with motorized components from on-board weapon systems, stabilizer fins, to even the mask that raises and lowers just like in the films. This amazing suit completely lights up with LED's from the hand Repulsors, the motorized weapons bays, the extending flight stabilizers, the Arc Reactor in the chest, as well as the eyes when the mask is lowered.
This is a special order item that will take approximately a month from the day of order confirmation to be delivered.
Height: 180-192cm / 70.86" - 75.59"
Chest: 135cm / 53.15"
Waist: 95cm / 37.40"
Hip: 117cm / 46.06"
Palm: 28.5cm / 11.22"
Head Circumference: 53 - 63cm / 20.86" - 24.8"
Shoulder: 65cm / 25.59"
Shoes: 36.5cm / 14.37"
Batteries: 1x LiPo (Head), 2x LiPo (Hands), 2x LiPo (Thighs), 1x LiPo (Flight Stabilizer), 1x LiPo (Shoulder), 2x LiPo (Arms) (Included), 3x AAA Batteries (Chest) (Not Included)
Materials: Vacuum Formed Polymer, Vinyl, PVC, Spandex, Foam, Acrylic