Fill Station - Ninja M10 Fill Station w/Muffler

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Safely fill CO2 and help eliminate the noise from emptying tanks with the Ninja M10 Fill Station with Muffler from Badlands Paintball. The Ninja M10 Fill Station with Muffler is designed to allow for repairs when seals go bad making long term use of the system a guarantee. With the use of one pull lever you can both fill and purge a CO2 tank making filling multiple tanks quick and easy. This particular fill station includes a muffler which acts as a silencer, dispersing the CO2 leaving a tank and significantly reducing the systems sound signature. With a design that allows for quick, easy fills and the included muffler kit to keep the sound signature of the system down, the Ninja M10 Fill Station with Muffler is perfect for any future or current field owner!


  • Pull Lever Design
  • Metal Construction
  • Easy Repairs
  • Included Gas Line
  • Included Muffler Kit
  • CO2 Only