EPeS Self-Closing HPA Adapter (Model: Tokyo Marui / TW Threads)

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  • Made from blackened stainless steel
  • Self-closing design prevent air from escaping the magazine when the hose has been disconnected
  • Designed to allow for HPA use in gas blowback pistols and rifles
  • Drop-in replacement to the standard fill valve (see compatibility below)
  • Includes 2 oring seals
  • Foster style QD hose connection

The EPeS Self-Closing HPA adapter is a great add-on accessory for GBB magazines. This is a self-closing (one-way) variant, designed so the pressure does not leak out of the magazine after the hose is disconnected. Depending on the type of weapon and magazine, a few more shots can be fired with the residual pressure. Made from blackened stainless steel.

Another advantage is the significantly more convenient disconnection of the hose without loud, high pressure air escaping from the valve.

Manufacturer: EPeS Airsoft


Compatibility: Tokyo Marui style threads
Material: Stainless Steel