Engraved Canadian Armed Forces Dog Tags

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Canadian Military  dog tags in Stainless Steel. Official military specification. Canadian armed forces identification tags for the Canadian Army. These identity discs are the actual dog tags worn by Canadian military personnel world wide. These identity discs are custom made with your personalized message. Each identity disc can have up to 4 lines and 14 letters and spaces per line. 

These identity discs are actual Canadian military dog tags and meet all official military regulations including a 30" chain.

Each tag has a max of 4 rows containing 15 characters each. The Backside has a max of 2 rows containing 15 characters each. Spaces count.  Type as you want it to appear.


Top tag:    M32 324 113
                    S JOHN
                    NRE     O/RH/NEG
                    CDN FORCES CDN

Lower tag: M32 324 113
                     S JOHN
                     CDN FORCES CDN

Backside:   DO NOT REMOVE
                     NE PAS ENLEVER