Airsoft Gun Testing Service

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Usually Ships in 1 To 19 Business Days

For just $10.00, you can buy peace of mind that your airsoft gun 
or airgun won't be a lemon!
To make sure your gun shoots right out of the box, our techs will:

  1. Remove your gun from its box and visually inspect it to verify there are no defects.
  2. Fire 10 shots.
  3. Confirm that the gun cocks reliably for all shots.
  4. Verify that the trigger functions reliably for all shots.
  5. Make sure your gun doesn't leak (PCP, gas & CO2 airguns and airsoft guns).
  6. List the air pressure used to shoot your gun (PCPs only).
  7. Sign & date a certificate stating when the test was performed.
  8. List the name and serial number of the tested gun on the certificate.

NOTE: Selecting this service may delay shipment by one business day
*It's normal for spring-powered airguns to have erratic velocities with the first 25-150 shots because factory lubricants burn off and cause a dieseling effect inside the compression chamber.