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Cyma Metal M870 Tri-shot Folding Stock Shorty

Posted by Alicia on

For years CYMA has been a leader in producing affordable, reliable and effective Airsoft AEGs, with the introduction of their line of 870 shotgun, CYMA is branching out. The 870 shotgun is one of the best selling and most recognizable shotguns ever produced it has served faithfully in military, law enforcement and civilian hands for over 5 decades. Thanks to its robust design, ease of use and general reliability, there are over ten million 870 shotguns out in the world. CYMA set out to capture this iconic rifle in the form of an equally reliable and easy to use Airsoft version. There is no reinventing the wheel here, the CYMA M870 series uses the tried and true tri-shot design but with beefier and more durable internals and the fine exterior appearance that CYMA is known for. Airsofters have been asking for it and CYMA has delivered, a tri-shot 870 Airsoft shotgun that won't break the bank.

The Cyma M870 Short Barrelled Shotgun (SBS) with Fixed Stock is Cyma's latest foray into the arena of premium airsoft guns. This spring powered shotgun fires 3 rounds with every trigger pull, and is fed from a magazine intended to resemble a 12 Gauge Shotgun shell. Each shell is good for 30 rounds, or 10 shots. Reloading is a snap with the action bar lock tab repurposed to be used as a magazine release. A push button safety ensures that this gun will only shoot when you want it to.

You may note the lack of sights on this gun. Being a shotgun, it is very much a point and click weapon. With that said, the barrel is capable of taking attachments for actual shotguns, such as the 870 Fiber Optic front sight, or similar bead setups.

The Cyma 870 SBS comes with three shotgun shells, a metal receiver and barrel/magazine tube set, and a high quality reinforced polymer pump and stock. A stud on the stock for a sling mount means that this gun is able to accept standard swivels, and various shotgun slings.

With great realism this gun is sure to turn heads, and you can't beat that great low price. 

Get yours Now! Click HERE to buy now.

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