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Umarex SA 10

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This new modern action pistol from Umarex is a pellet and BB firing pistol which houses the BB or pellet magazine with the drop out magazine, which also holds the 12g CO2 capsule. Its slide has a full functioning blowback action, meaning it physically cycles or moves with ever shot fired. The dual ammo SA 10 fires either BBs or pellets up to 420 feet per second with handgun expected accuracy due to its rifled barrel. This Umarex gun is unique from other BB guns in a couple of ways. First, its magazine holds both the 12 gram CO2 capsule and an 8 round rotary clip and it also holds three additional clips that makes fast target shooting more fun. This system increases the accuracy as the space between the co2 exit port, and the ammo is incredibly small meaning that the maximum power can be achieved.

The pistol has a tough polymer frame with a metal slide to give a heavy weight and long lasting service. The double action trigger means that you can either cock the slide back to give a lighter trigger pull, or continually pull the trigger to fire the 8 shots as quick as you can.

The viewports in the side of the slide allow you to see the gorgeous gold coloured barrel that matches the gold breech block, a look that’s unique to the Umarex line but not dissimilar to some custom guns. The thread on the end will permit fitting a moderator and its muzzle is threaded to accept a faux suppressor for an ultra-cool look.. A weaver rail on the underside allows the fitting of a light or tactical laser to increase your shooting enjoyment further!

If you were using this gun to simulate live-fire training handgun, having the heavy magazine will be an advantage. It shifts the balance of the gun in a way that replicates a fully loaded pistol. The disadvantage comes when you want to drop the magazine. Because it weighs so much, the magazine wants to leap free from the bottom so it’s not exactly like ejecting an empty magazine.

There are some other nice features to this magazine that really set it apart. The first is that the rotary clip loads directly onto the magazine. These wheels will hold either .177 pellets or BBs. They are eight shot wheels. The magazine will hold four of them (the gun ships with four—three with a metal gear and one with a polymer gear).

One cartridge of CO2 should get you somewhere around 60 shots. The SA10 isn’t the fastest air gun on the market, but it wasn’t meant to be. Pellets are advertised to average 420 fps. These speeds make this a good option for indoor shooting, though I’d still recommend you take precautions. Pellets tend to flatten on impact. Steel BBs at slower speeds tend to bounce back from some targets.

As for the shooting, you won’t be disappointed there either. The sights on the SA10 are ideal. The rear sight has two yellow dots. The front sight is a flat black blade.Your speed with the SA10 will be determined by how well you manage the blowback feature that cycles the slide. When you insert the magazine and rack to slide you’re ready to fire. As you pull the trigger, the SA10 cycles very quickly. The recoil impulse is not as jumpy as it would be on a .45 ACP or a 9mm. I’d say it moves like a full-sized rimfire. The recoil will provide you with enough jump that you will get to practice controlled target acquisition between shots.

All in all this a great gun to add to your collection! 

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