Wolverine Airsoft "Quake" Stock with Control Board FCU and Wolverine Inferno Gen2 HPA Engine

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  • Realistic recoil response
  • Package includes Wolverine Inferno Gen2 HPA engine!

Rock your world with QUAKE Recoil Stock! Wolverine Airsoft is committed to making airsoft more fun. The QUAKE Recoil Stock adds a whole new dimension for the ultimate immersion experience. Now you can have active recoil with your high performance HPA systems!

Part: Recoil modulation stock 
Compatibility: Recommended for use with Inferno GEN 2 and compatible with most single solenoid HPA systems 
Package Includes: Quake Stock, Quake Electronic Harness, Quake FCU, Inferno Gen 2 system. Reduced Flow Piece of Airline (For use with GEN2 Inferno, not GEN 1), Push to Connect T Fitting, Quake Patch 

Manufacturer: Wolverine Airsoft