U.S. Armed Forces First Strike MRE Ration - Case

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The First Strike Ration, or FSR, is a compact, eat-on-the-move assault ration designed for use during initial periods of highly intense, highly mobile combat operations. The FSR is substantially reduced in weight and size and enhances soldier consumption, nutritional intake, and mobility.

The FSR was first announced in 2002 and by 2004, prototypes were available for testing. Finally, by late 2007, the FSR was available and shipping to the field. The NSN (National Stock Number) is the FSR is 8970-01-543-3458.

The development of the FSR came from the fact that prior to deployment, soldiers would “field strip” their MREs. Field stripping involves removing all the excess MRE packaging and unwanted items – bags, boxes, heaters, extra spoons, accessory packs, etc. Creative field stripping could reduce 3 MREs – one day’s worth – down to the same size as a single MRE. While this practice reduced the soldier’s load by only packing the most critical MRE parts, it also led to increased waste and a reduced consumption of food. A single FSR, which is 24 hours worth of food, is approximately 50% the size and weight of three MREs.

1 FSR = 2,900 calories
3 MREs = 3,800 calories

As designed, all the components of an FSR can be eaten with little or no preparation. Pocket sandwiches, applesauce, energy bars, crackers, peanut butter, and beef jerky can be eaten as is while drinks can be mixed with water and consumed directly from their pouches.

Calories: ~2,900 per ration
Protein: 15%
Carbohydrates: 53%
Fat: 34%Shelf life: minimum 2 years at 80º Fahrenheit9 Meals per case

9 rations per case.

Assorted menu.