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Triumph Instruments PRC-117G Radio

Price: $2,999.99

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he world's first UHF/VHF spectrum is three multipurpose station for commercial use

The AN/PRC - 117 - g (UV) double duplex is three multipurpose station (knapsack, car units, base stations) UHF/VHF dual-band transceiver, duplex cross section of the relay at the same time receiving, double, double frequency display dot-matrix LCD, dual channel, aviation spectrum.

* is three catch design;

* UHF frequency band (receiving/transmitting) :

400-470 MHZ VHF frequencies (receiving/transmitting)

136-174 MHZ radio FM (receive) : 87-108 MHZ aviation frequencies (receive) AM: 109.000 to 135.995

* the high-power 50 w

* cross section of the duplex relay;

* double period of double receiving;

* double DTMF decoding;

* double voice encryption

* voice pressure expansion;

* built-in CTCSS/DCS

* 4 kinds of pilot tone;

* double display dot-matrix LCD screen;

* military style three color adjustable screen backlight;

* separation of detachable panel

* full-featured digital keyboard operation and fast function keys;

* Automatic search radio function

* 1200/9600 BPS digital communication function (B)

* the battery pack can be combined disassembling and mobile power supply;

* H250 catch the key handle;

* compatible with catch defines six stitches interface PTT and hand microphones, etc.

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