TAGinn R2B Paintball Hand Grenade - R2B 6 Set

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  • Lightweight design
  • Detonates in 3.5 seconds once spoon is released
  • Sends paintballs and fragments of foam shell 10-12 meters from point of detonation
  • Fits in most flashbang or smoke grenade pouches easily
  • Comes in a pack of 6 grenades

The R2B EVO Paintball grenade is a revolutionary new product for training and tactical games world, it provides loud blast and good and health-safety fragmentation. Designed for game or training, this grenade will give you, your teammates and your opponents – additional motivation to play better. Its filled by 50 cal paintballs and brings a good fragmentation with marking for 8-10 meters. This training grenade equipped by two safety mechanisms - safety pin with ring and lever.

Disclaimer for R2B Grenades: Due to the Pyrotechnic nature of these products, extreme care should be taken when handling, storing and employing these grenades. These Airsoft pyrotechnic grenades may only be used at authorized/sanctioned fields and locations.

Material: Polymer 

Manufacturer: TAGinn