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Systema PTW M4A1 SUPER MAX AEG Collapsible Stock Version w/M165 Cylinder - Floor Model

Price: $1,999.99
(You save $1,000.00)
Systema Airsoft

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Designed for police and military training purposes, the Systema PTW is the ultimate rifle for Airsoft lovers, and a demonstration of Systema's high level of commitment in product quality. Every part of the gun fits together perfectly, with precise aluminum die cast receiver you can feel the body's rigidity being much better than the regular AEG's in the market (like Classic Army, G&P, etc). This is more than just a toy! Real size, real weight and real balance. With all internal components tuned for extreme performance out of the box! Split design type gearbox allows you to swap in and out springs very quickly to change power levels. This M4 Super MAX model shoots in semi and full auto! 

This version of Systema Professional Training Weapon guns feature a whole a whole array of improvements over the older versions. The control board and ECU have had comprehensive full-scale revisions and a new addition to this model is an LED feature to the S.E.C.U., which indicates the present state of the PTW during engagement. It may sound like a minor thing, but it can be used to determine the condition of the PTW; when to change the battery, to any serious issues with the PTW.

Even though the PTWs before this version had a superb trigger response for rapid shooting, the response time has been improved for this version. The trigger reaction program has been changed in Micro Second increments to allow a crisp trigger response. The program was designed with the 490 type motor in mind, which Systema have adopted for use with all their models. Other revisions include: 

  • Improved Burst Function - instead one trigger pull releasing 3 BBs, with the right control, in burst mode, you can release 1 or 2 BBs.
  • Changes to the Trigger Switch - 2 Stage Trigger; by using an even shorter stroke, the PTW mimics the trigger travel of a real firearm.
  • Improved longevity of the FET, with a reduced power consumption, improving the efficient by three times.
  • Incorporation of a Tight Inner Barrel for all models - Systema have decided to adopt the 6.04mm inner barrel for all models.
  • Changes to the Air Seal Packing - changed from conventional air seal packing to an O-Ring.
  • Change in the Piston Head Guide Sleeve - Improved Torque.
  • Standardization of the Cylinder Unit - Since 2007, Systema have standardized the Cylinder unit of the M4 versions thus allowing complete interchangeability between the systema PTW series! .

Length (Retracted):805mm 
Length (Extended): 900mm 

This set includes the Silver M165 Systema PTW Cylinder 

The tension in the main power spring has a very close relationship with the amount of battery voltage output. Therefore when selecting the battery always choose the one that is right for that specific cylinder unit. 

Only 1 unit available.


**Does not come with original box 
Floor model (may have some blemishes)

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