Shinwa Firefly Handmade Katana / Samurai Sword - 1045 Carbon Steel

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42 KZ1002

A sight to behold, a force to be reckoned with
Combining the elegant luster of gold with the resilience and potency of high carbon steel, Shinwa's "Firefly" Katana represents a sublime fusion of radiant beauty and raw, unbridled power. The painstakingly handcrafted samurai sword is no doubt stunning, with its sleek, fluid form and gleaming golden blade and saya accents. On display, it demands attention - a gilded, eye-catching example of Japan's legendary ancient swordcraft tradition. But make no mistake - the Firefly is as much a force to be reckoned with as it is a sight to behold.

Hand forged 1045 carbon steel, donned in fiery golden vestments
True to the katana's enduring, centuries-old reputation, the Firefly packs serious, downright unrivaled cutting power. Shinwa's master swordsmiths expertly hand forge every Firefly blade from 1045 high carbon steel blade, meticulously firing, hammering and shaping raw, molten metal into a sleek tanto profile. Weaponry scholars have long deemed the storied katana the sharpest sword in history, and the Firefly is no exception. It slices cleanly and effortlessly through traditional rolled tatami mats, thick bamboo and other challenging materials - all without sacrificing its carefully honed edge. 

Dueling beasts and traditional beauty
Both "beast" and "beauty," the blade is bathed in a warm golden glow - a subtle point of contrast to the brilliant white faux ray skin same and traditional black ito. The antiqued metal tsuba depicts an iconic Asian-style dragon, facing off with a mythical viper in flawlessly cast relief. Both creatures are intertwined, enveloped in an intricate array of cresting waves. The scene is echoed in both the fuchi and kashira. Traditional bamboo menuki secure the tsuka components, as in the katana of centuries past.

Luminous fireflies dancing in a dark void
Even the hardwood saya is uniquely impressive. The black hand-lacquered finish is offset exquisitely with a gold spatter pattern - evoking streaks of light radiated by fireflies on a dark, moonless night. Indeed, Shinwa's Firefly Katana shines boldly amongst a void of ordinary swords, both in the display stand and on the battlefield. "Catch" your "Firefly" today, and illuminate your sword or cutlery collection with a genuine handmade work of bladed art.

  • A bold, radiant light illuminating a dark void of ordinary swords - a beauty on display, a beast on the battlefield
  • Exceedingly sharp 29 3/4" tanto blade - hand forged from 1045 carbon steel; slices cleanly and effortlessly through rolled tatami mats, bamboo, more
  • Blade enhanced with radiant golden finish; adds brilliant contrast with traditional tsuka garb; edge features stylized hamon
  • Flawlessly cast metal tsuba depicts dueling dragon and serpent; motif echoed on fuchi, kashira; imagery stands in bold relief
  • Classic black braided ito encircles tsuka; offset beautifully by dazzling white faux ray skin same; traditional bamboo mekugi
  • Hand lacquered wooden saya; distinctive spatter pattern - golden streaks on polished black backdrop, like fireflies in the night
  • Overall length: 39 1/4" - quintessential samurai battle sword; easily mobile, but large enough to take on any foe