Raven Elite Type Zero CQB -BONEYARD

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*Does NOT Include Display Stand

**Rifle Cycles Roughly, BBs Drop out of barrel, safety does not function, previous owner used rifle heavily see photos.


RAVEN Elite Type Zero CQB BK

The Raven Elite is a top tier airsoft rifle that has exceptional performance and quality.  Each rifle is equipped with the ETCS (Electronic Trigger Control System) mosfet chip which allows the user to program burst fire modes, binary trigger and trigger sensitivity.  The ETFS is also equipped with optical sensors to control the cycling of the gearbox to ensure consistent power delivery to each shot.  The rifle has a feather light structure which helps in weight reduction while maintaining structural integrity.  All in all, the Raven Elite line of rifles are perfect for players of all levels. 



- ETCS (Electronic Trigger Control System): Burst fire mode, binary trigger and trigger sensitivity adjustment.

- Neodymium high torque motor

- rotary hop up

- 6.03mm precision inner barrel

- Full metal body and gearbox

- 8mm ball bearings

- Unique body design with cut outs for weight reduction

- Deans connector installed