RAP4 M4 Carrying Handle With Iron Sight

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The M4 Carrying Handle With Iron Sight is a dynamic upgrade for any marker with an RIS rail atop the receiver...such as RAP4's award-winning T68 markers. The M4 Carry Handle bolts securely onto the RIS rail without tools, and gives you the look and feel of a standard-configuration M4/M16, along with the utility of the rear iron sight designed into the M4 Carry Handle. When used with a front sight, this becomes a famously effective sighting option that will help you get shots on target from across the field...and never needs a battery. The rear iron sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation, so you can dial it in to have complete confidence in every shot.

The M4 Carrying Handle With Iron Sight features alloy construction for strength and durability, and is drilled to accept a Scope Mount Base so you can easily add a red dot sight or scope. In this configuration, it serves as a scope riser to get your optic up high enough from the receiver that you can easily use it while wearing goggles, without the stock getting in the way...and it does this with the absolute utmost in realistic design and function.

Improve the look, feel, and utility of your marker with the M4 Carrying Handle With Iron Sight!

Key Features:

  •  Metal construction
  •  Fully adjustable iron sight
  •  Drilled to accept scope rail
  •  No-tools installation
  •  Mil-spec dimensions