RAP4 Dove Tail Rail Mount

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The Dove Tail Rail Mount is a very easy solution to a very bad problem: the rails milled into the receivers on many paintball markers are 3/8” dovetail rails, the same as on pellet guns…and are meant to take pellet gun accessories. In paintball and airsoft, we use mil-spec sights, lights, lasers, and other tactical accessories that are built to withstand the real battlefield, and excel on ours.

RAP4 has engineered a way for you to mount those mil-spec accessories you demand, on markers that only come with that dovetail rail: the Dove Tail Rail Mount.
Clamp it on, tighten it in place, and you’ll gain 5.5” of mil-spec mountain rail with minimal bulk.

Key Features Include:
- Metal construction
- Adds 5.5 of RIS rail
- Clamps on tightly