Qore Performance IceVents Classic Ventilated Chest Rig Pads (Package: 2-Pack)

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98638 (ACC-Qore-S-IceVents-BK-2-Loop)
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  • Loop-equipped to mount onto chest rigs and other platforms with hook adhesive surfaces
  • 90% air by volume, weighs the same as a half slice of bread
  • Omni-directional venting keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Plush hexagonal honeycomb for unmatched load-bearing comfort; Load distribution architecture that outperforms foams, reducing fatigue; Stimulite honeycomb TPE technology; Anisotropic Architecture features three different degrees of flexibility in the length, width and vertically against the surface, allowing IceVents to absorb energy or impact from different angles while contouring the body perfectly
  • Anti-microbial; Washable (if needed); Hydrolysis Resistance: does not retain water; Abrasion resistant
  • Stimulates superficial blood flow to improve circulation
  • Nylon Mesh Covering for frictionless plate carrier/pack interface
  • Conductivity facilitates energy transfer for maximum thermoregulatory efficiency when used with IcePlate and the HiVis StayFrosty Vest

Now featuring permanently bonded hook-receptive loop backing.

IceVents Classic Chest Rig Ventilation Pads provide stand-off ventilation and padding for any hook-backed chest rig on the market today. Stand-off ventilation behind your chest rig promotes evaporative cooling (click here to learn more about the different types of cooling/energy transmission) to help reduce sweat build-up and absorption, keeping you drier and more comfortable on the job.

Say goodbye to heavy, bulky, and sweat-absorbing legacy spacer mesh or foam and switch to wafer-thin, ultra light, and hydrophobic IceVents. IceVents Classic Chest Rig Ventilation Pads connect directly to the inside of any Velcro hook-backed chest rig. The D3CRM from Haley Strategic Partners is shown.

Manufacturer: Qore Performance

Package: 2-Pack


Dimensions: 10.25 x 3.125 x 0.25
Compatibility: Loop-equipped to be compatible with a wide variety of Chest Rigs and Other Platforms
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 198 degrees Fahrenheit
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer, Stimulite, Nylon Mesh
Package Includes: 2x Ice Vents