NorthEast Airsoft STEN MK.IIS Gas Blow Back Airsoft SMG w/ Skeleton Stock and Mock Suppressor

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  • Full steel structure (excludes breech block, its aluminum alloy.) with Manganese phosphate coating
  • Realistic marking, structure and manufacturing
  • Lightweight breech block made by aluminum alloy, provides strong kick, to simulates the physical experience of firearms
  • Stamping marking imitates wartime craftsmanship to endow with ornamental value
  • Bolt hold open and cross bolt safety ensure gun can be transported without accidental discharge
  • 32 round stick magazine with design features that prevents over gassing despite sideways firing action
  • Field strips realistically and can be stored very compactly if needed
  • One of the most realistic WWII gas blowback replicas available

The STEN MK.II submachine gun is a British submachine gun, designed by Major Reginald V. Shepherd (S) and Harold Turpin (T), and Enfield (EN). Seen in use in several conflicts, but most famously known for its prevalence in WWII footage with British and Commonwealth troops, commandos, and paratroopers. With its unique side-feeding magazine well and simplicity; The STEN is a standout submachine gun produced during a desperate time in world history when Britain produced something quick and useful their forces could get their hands on.

This STEN MK.IIS is the suppressed variant of this famous firearm, often used by members of Britain's special members of SOE, due to the ease of disassembly and stowing of the weapon. Due to older suppressor technology not being able to mitigate heat very well, a canvas sleeve was often included to allow the user to hold the weapon properly without burning themselves.

The NorthEast Airsoft STEN Mk.II gas powered submachine gun is the most realistic STEN on the market to date. From its steel receiver to heavy recoil, the STEN Mk.II will provide you with an incredible experience while using it against anyone of the opposite of its barrel.

Manufacturer: NorthEast Airsoft

FPS Range: 370-390

Color: Black


Length: 760mm
Weight: 3170g
Inner Barrel: ~340mm
Mode: Full Auto, Semi Auto and safety.
Gas: Green Gas
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Canvas Suppressor Sleeve

"May include orange tip"