Matrix Real Wood M1938 WW2 Model / Modello 38A Airsoft AEG Sub-Machine Gun by Snow Wolf

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49360 (AEG-SW-08)_instore


  • Aluminum alloy receiver and barrel assembly
  • Stained real wood stock
  • Metal barrel shroud
  • Great for anyone running a WW2 kit or collects WW2 guns
  • Metal gearbox
  • Steel sling mounts

Color: Wood / Black

Possibly one of the most successful and effective Italian small arm produced during World War II, the Modello 38 (M38) was the preferred sub machine gun of Italian as well as German forces. The M38 fires from an open bolt design and is unique due to having separate triggers for semi-auto and full-auto fire modes.

Only full-auto fire mode available for airsoft version.

Length: 920mm
Inner Barrel: ~330mm
Magazine Capacity: 50rd Standard Capacity
Gearbox: Custom
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Sling, Loader
Battery: 8.4v Small Type / 7.4v LiPo recommended. Wired to rear w/ small Tamiya (Battery not included)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

Manufacturer:Matrix (OEM: Snow Wolf)



*May or May Not Ship with ORANGE Tip