Icon 3 Watt Headlamp

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With up to 160 hours of burn time and three watts of light output in a rechargeable compatible package, the new Icon is for serious night owls. Its compact front housing holds the three watt LED flanked by four SuperBright LEDs to produce either a night piercing searchlight, or bright ambient lighting. Battery power meter uses three colored indicator lights to display remaining battery power or charging status of NRG battery pack. Battery-saving circuitry and a glove-friendly Positron switch enable you to access multiple brightness settings and strobe mode for both the three watt and the Superbright LEDs. Wt: 4.1 oz/6.6 oz (without/with batteries).

  • Power Source: 3AA (included)
  • Burn Time: Min. 70 hours/ Max. 160 hours
  • Maximum Distance: 80 m
  • Optional (not included with headlamp) NRG NiMH rechargeable battery kit for the Icon headlamp lets you charge your lamp nightly with a convenient wall charger so it's always ready. Comes with four different outlet adaptors for use in various countries.
  • Car Charger NRG/NRG2: (Optional, not included with Headlamp) Allows you to recharge your NRG or NRG2 from your car. Plugs into any car's 12-volt socket. LED's indicate charging status.