Echo1/VFC Custom Full Metal Platinum M16 w/ PWS KM15 Airsoft AEG Package

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Base Model: Echo1/VFC Platinum M16

Rail Hang Guard: Fully Lic. PWS Keymod 15" by Madbull Airsoft
Outer Barrel: Fully Lic. Daniel Def. 18" SPR Steel Outer Barrel 
Sights: Echo1 Flip Up Combat Sight Set 
Flash Hider: Fully Lic. PWS DNTC 1 (FSC556) 
Tight Bore Barrel: SHS Brass Tight Bore Barrel 6.03mm - 455mm in Length
Gun Case: Echo1 47" Nylon Gun Case 
Base Model Specs and Feature:
  • FPS (Feet Per Second): 380
  • Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) - Base Model
  • Product Support: 30 day limited warranty
  • Magazines Included: 1
  • Magazine Capacity: 110rd 
  • Magazine Type: VFC Mid Cap
  • Recommended BB: .25g or Higher
  • Power source: Battery
  • Battery and charger included: No
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready: Yes
  • Battery Included: N/A
  • Battery Location: Stock
  • Battery Rate of Fire (Default Battery): N/A
  • Battery Rate of Fire with 8.4v: 12 RPS/span>
  • Battery Rate of Fire with 9.6v: 16 RPS
  • Battery Rate of Fire 11.1 Echo1 LiPo: 23 RPS
  • BB Caliber: 6mm
  • Bearing Size: 8mm Steel Bearings
  • Body type: Aluminum and Polymer
  • Gearbox Reinforced: Standard V2 Shell
  • Gearbox Type: Version 2
  • Motor Type: Long Type Motor
  • Sights included: Yes, Front and Rear - Flip Up
  • Outer Barrel Construction: Two Piece Metal
  • Metal Specifics: Most of gun
  • Spring Guide: V2 Metal Spring Guide
  • Stock Type: Fixed
  • Gear Specs: 3 Gear System / Standard
  • Hop Up: Plastic 1 Piece Hop Up
  • Piston Body: 15 Tooth Polycarb / 1 Steel Tooth
  • Piston Head: Ported and Bearing
  • Type of Spring: M100
  • Wiring Harness: V2 to the Rear with Fuse




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