DYE CF Boomstick Paintball Barrel 15" Black - Autococker .688

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The CF Boomstick Barrel sets the new standard for barrel performance. Constructed using a proprietary process combining Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber the CF Boomstick is incredibly light while maintaining durability. This unique combination of materials has yielded an advanced performance filled barrel built for the best players in the world. The performance built design also features an optimal back length of eight inches resulting in terminal velocity of a paintball before porting begins. Looking for a new paintball barrel? The accurate, quiet, and efficient DYE CF Boomstick Paintball Barrel is for you!


  • Lightweight Design - Carbon Fibre / Stainless Steel
  • Smooth Bore - 303 Surgical Steel Insert
  • Advanced Muzzle Port Design
  • 15" Barrel Length
  • Two Piece Barrel
  • Bore Size - .688