Duke Standard Small Animal Non-Lethal Cage Trap

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01 DU1003

Tired of pesky squirrels, chipmunks and rodents destroying your lawn and garden or setting up shop in your home or outbuildings? Do you take one look into their beady little eyes and find they're just too cute to kill? Problem, meet easy solution: a non-lethal Small Animal Standard Cage Trap from family-owned trapping experts the Duke Company! At 16" long x 5" wide x 5" high, the Duke Small Animal Trap is perfectly sized for a wide variety of furry little troublemakers. All of Duke's humane standard cage traps feature steel rod-reinforced spring-loaded doors to thwart escapes from extra-determined critters, pressure sensitive trip mechanisms for a sure catch every time and a durable, concealable green powder-coated finish. Just set the trap, plant the bait and walk away! If conditions are suitable, upon returning hours later your small animal vandal will be locked securely inside the trap - shaken, perhaps, but definitely unharmed! Simply release the naughty critter a safe distance away from your problem areas and fret no more about half-eaten plants, dug up lawns and droppings and acorns inside your house. The Duke Company was established in Mississippi in 1938 as a pecan and fur merchant, an enterprise they still operate to this day. The company began manufacturing traps in 1986 and is in its third generation of family ownership, led by T.A. and Bill Duke. With such a long, storied history, rest assured you can count on Duke Traps to take care of all your trapping needs for a lifetime and beyond!

  • Humane, non-lethal trapping method
  • Squirrels, rodents, chipmunks, more
  • Steel reinforced spring loaded doors
  • Pressure sensitive trip mechanism
  • Discreet green powder-coated finish
  • Cage trap causes no harm to animal
  • 16" long x 5" wide x 5" high