Crye Precision Licensed Replica Zip-on Panel Pack by ZShot (Color: Black / Medium)

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  • Compatible with licensed replica Crye AVS and JPC 2.0 armor systems
  • Durable Cordura fabric construction
  • Secure attachment via genuine YKK zippers
  • Easy to attach and swap panels to fit dynamic mission needs
  • Roomy easy access pocket with expandable bottom pocket
  • One general purpose utility pouch

A simple, expandable zip-on pack with a low-snag external design and roomy quick-access internal pocket. Equipped with an expandable bottom pocket that allows for secure stowage yet rapid access of items such as bolt cutters or launcher ordinance.

The ultimate solution to swapping loadouts with one core plate carrier and numerous rear Zip-On panels to suit any mission. Secure attachment via YKK zippers and button loops, Zip-On panels provide many options for carrying extra gear, ammunition, and equipment. Compatible with the Crye Licensed AVS and JPC 2.0 systems.

Manufactured exclusively for the weekend warrior enthusiasts, the officially licensed Crye Precision Tactical Gear and Clothing product line features replicas of the signature "Crye Licensed" ribbon, as well as clearly marked product identification tags, so that there is no confusion about the piece of gear in your hands.

Material: Cordura

Manufacturer: ZShot