Colt NRA Peacemaker 7.5" CO2 Pellet Revolver

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  • Colt NRA Peacemaker 7.5" CO2 Pellet Revolver
  • 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 6-rd cylinder
  • Fixed front sight
  • Notch rear sight
  • Single-action only
  • Manual safety
  • Working ejector rod
  • Weathered gun metal finish
  • Includes 6 shells (each shell is loaded with one pellet), manual, and a 4-color commemorative box

Take hold of a gun that won the West with this 7.5” CO2 Pellet Peacemaker!

Umarex teamed up with the NRA to produce this special edition replica air pistol of the gun that won the lands west of the Mississippi.  With a rugged flat black and weathered finish, the authentic feel and heft of this replica are apparent right out of the box.    Its single-action firing is smooth and its functions are historically accurate as well as satisfying. A dark mock wood grip is emblazoned with the symbol of the NRA—an eagle clutching crossed rifles. Across the back of the handle is inscribed “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  A phrase that the NRA has taken to heart for over 100 years.

As beautiful to shoot as it is to look at, load up the 6 included pellet shot shells to send them flying at speeds up to 380 fps—perfect for backyard plinking sessions with soda cans, balloons, or whatever you want! Since this is single-action, you will be cocking the hammer ever shot!

If you’re a lover of historic arms and want to own a piece of it, this NRA Peacemaker may just be its definitive edition.


Caliber 0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 380 fps
Loudness 3-Medium
Barrel Length 6.75"
Overall Length 12.75"
Shot Capacity 6
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight Blade
Rear Sight Fixed
Scopeable No
Buttplate None
Suggested for Plinking/Fun
Action Revolver
Safety Manual
Powerplant CO2
Function Repeater
Trigger Action Single-Action
Material Full metal
Body Type Pistol
Weight 2.26 lbs