Clockwork Apparatica Steampunk Fantasy Sword with Nylon Sheath

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43 BK3043

Dripping with hip steampunk flair and undeniable cutting ferocity, Atomic Steel's Clockwork Apparatica Steampunk Sword is a distinctive masterwork of bladed art. From the dazzling steampunk graphics to the wicked overall profile, this breathtaking sword is truly one-of-a-kind - a shining star in any steampunk or fine cutlery collection. But make no mistake - "the Apparatica" is more than just a stylish showpiece, best relegated to the display case. On the contrary, it boasts ample muscle to back up its menacing looks, including a potent, razor sharp stainless steel blade with a chic satin finish and a piercing, tanto-esque angled point. The blade is finely etched with intricate gears, sprockets, coils and other aesthetic staples of steampunk "gizmology," intertwined with an elegant swirling vine motif. Brilliant gold-colored ornamentation and elliptical fantasy cutouts studded with gleaming brass accents beautifully offset the mellow satin blade finish. The handsome brown leather-wrapped handle provides a no-slip grip and a delightfully tactile wielding experience that's second to none. Housed in the included nylon belt sheath, the Clockwork Apparatica is easy to transport - in the field, to steampunk conventions or simply to a friend's house to show off this remarkable bladed gem. Regardless of where you take it, you can count on the Apparatica's rock solid one-piece steel construction to stand up to years of use. Exquisitely designed and masterfully built, you won't a sword as alluringly steampunk as the Clockwork Apparatica Steampunk Fantasy Sword anywhere else. It's an unrivaled fusion of distinct artistry, smart style and imposing raw power that deserves a special place in your collection.

  • Distinctly steampunk, undeniably ferocious
  • Wicked satin finished stainless steel blade
  • Fantasy cutouts, unique ornamentation
  • Stunning steampunk graphic etchings
  • Handsome leather-wrapped handle
  • Includes tough nylon belt sheath
  • Overall length: 28"