3D MMP Browning M2 .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun (Model: Steel & Aluminum AEG Version)

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86881 (AEG-M2HMG)
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  • Heavy duty steel, aluminum, and polymer construction
  • Incredibly heavy weight (61.72lbs)
  • Powered by an M249 gearbox with standard version 2 internals
  • Spade trigger
  • Spring loaded charging handle

FPS: 400

Color: Black

We are not saying you need a Ma Deuce for your truck... but ya need a Ma Deuce for your truck.
The largest and heaviest production AEG on the market, this freedom cannon weighs in at a whopping 61.72lbs, thats right Pounds, Freedom Units... because Freedom!

Developed towards the end of WWI, the Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun was designed similarly to the M1919 but scaled way up to fire the .50BMG cartridge. The idea behind the M2 HMG was to fire a high velocity, heavy weight projectile in an anti-armor, anti-aircraft, and an anti-infantry role. The H2 is one of the longest serving weapons systems in the US Military (second only to the 1911), seeing service from 1933 to present day in every major conflict since WWI. This weapon system has been used extensively as a vehicle weapon from Jeeps to Humvees, Sherman tanks to the Abrams, aircraft, boats and anywhere else it can be fitted for devastating fire power.

3D MMP is one of the first to offer a 1:1 scale Airsoft variant the venerable M2 Heavy Machine Gun on a production scale. This beast of a gun features a steel receiver and aluminum barrel assembly to give the look, feel, and heft this weapon deserves. Internally the gun is powered by a standard M249 gearbox with version 2 internals making it easy to maintenance and upgrade.

Length: 65"
Weight: 61.72lbs
Inner Barrel: 20" (~509mm)
Magazine Capacity: TBA
Muzzle Velocity: 400~ FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Rate of Fire: 20 Rounds Per Second
Gearbox: M249
Motor: TBA
Fire Modes: Full Auto
Battery: 7.4v 2000mAh Brick LiPo Recommended (Wired to Receiver w/ Small Tamiya)
BB: 6mm .20g / .25g Recommended
Hopup: M249 Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, M249 Box Mag, Manual

Manufacturer: 3D MMP